Customized GROB turn-key solutions

Years of research into innovative technologies for the reliable series production of E-machines and electric motors, combined with decades of experience in the system business enable GROB to quickly realize top quality turn-key solutions. GROB supports you from the outset with the design of your products, from the planning phase through to the implementation of assembly systems. As a result, you ideally meet your particular requirements for electromobility and guarantee economic production with the highest yield quantities.

GROB range of services

  • Stator assembly
  • Rotor assembly
  • Mechatronics
  • Final assembly
  • Motor and gearbox housing production (machining)


Winding technologies of GROB

GROB develops and produces machines and systems for the large-scale manufacture of electric motors. At our sites in Mindelheim and Turin, we are working on the various winding technologies for round and rectangular wires – depending on drive and motor size. The product range spans from stand-alone, semi-automatic machines through to fully automated turn-key projects for our customers from the automotive industry.

The GROB service portfolio provides support for designing and dimensioning the e-machine, prototype engineering, development and verification of production processes, staff training and of course guaranteed quality along the value creation chaing


Stator production with insertion technology

For decades now, GROB Italy has been offering insertion technology with round wire and can thus offer its expertise for realizing your projects with fully automated manufacturing stations.

  • Flyer winding: The coil is created when the flyer carrying the round wire rotates around a stationary template.
  • Template-based winding: The coil is created when the round wire is wrapped around a rotating template.
Stator production with continuous hairpin

The advantages of the continuous hairpin lie in the economic feasibility of high numbers of slots with large inside diameters. This technology makes small wire cross-sections easily manageable and eliminates the need for complex circuitry. GROB offers two processes for producing the wire mat for the continuous hairpin: Sword winding and flat winding.

Stator production with hairpin technology

GROB offers an extensive product range for hairpin stators in various sizes. An innovative bending concept creates extreme flexibility and diversity without tool change for a batch size of 1.

Automated solutions for fuel cells

Fuel cell assembly is a promising technology within electromobility, and a key area of focus for GROB research and development. For the assembly of components in the vehicle fuel cell drive, GROB offers innovative and automated manufacturing and assembly lines that guarantee a high degree of flexibility, precision and reliability. From the first idea to the conceptual design through to series-capable production, our customers benefit from the individual implementation of their systems, and receive comprehensive advice from a single source in the process.

System concepts for battery systems

The efficient production of battery cells and the reliable assembly of battery modules and packs are becoming increasingly important due to the technological transition in vehicle powertrains. GROB is researching new processes, materials and technologies to establish their usability in the automotive industry and offering process-safe, high-quality systems for the manufacture and assembly of energy storage systems. The focus is always on what our customers need – so degrees of automation, cycle times and yield quantities are guaranteed to match their requirements!

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