Portal - The secure cloud for industry

GROB4Portal enables access to all GROB-NET4Industry products in one central interface. With only one login you can manage user data, applications and machine data. The intuitive user guidance offers a high comfort and saves time and resources.

Care – Service- und Instandhaltungsportal

GROB4Care provides access to spare parts for your GROB machines. Included are the machines installed on your premises with their relevant assemblies and individual parts. This enables you to quickly and reliably identify your need for spare parts in the form of a parts list structure and order them around the clock. This is supported by information on material availability, price and possible shipping options.

Track - machine axes always in view

GROB4Track monitors the health status of the machine. By means of an automated analysis, the machine status is constantly known and unplanned machine downtimes can be prevented. Preventive maintenance work can thus be planned precisely and spare parts orders are triggered at the right time.

Pilot - Multifunctional and interactive machine operation

GROB4Pilot offers the machine operator a modern way of working on the machine with a multifunctional user interface. Parallel access to ERP, PLM and MES systems enables paperless production. CAD/CAM visualisations, simulation viewer and tool management are also supported by GROB-NET4Industry applications. The complete production process - from CAD model to NC simulation - is digitally displayed directly on the GROB4Pilot panel.

Connect - connecting the real world to the ERP system

GROB4Connect connects your machine to the ERP, MES, PLM and TDM systems.
Production-relevant data can be transferred directly to the machine operators via web technology. The machine operator can enter order feedback, such as tool requests, directly into the ERP system via the machine control.

Interface - Simple way to machine communication

GROB4Interface is the decisive link to network the machine with other systems. It provides all relevant information to digitise processes and to lift production towards Industry 4.0. The acquired data can be used in many ways and offers the user new possibilities to control production and increase efficiency.

Coach - programming, simulation, training

GROB4Coach consists of a programming, simulation and training software and not only enables convenient programming of NC programs on the control-identical software, but also creates the conditions for simulating the machining process. The training software allows an effective, PC-supported CNC training for beginners and experts.

Analyze - Machine feedback for KVP

GROB4Analyze determines the machine data with key figures and prepares them in a visually optimal way. The module highlights unproductive phases, allowing the causes of weak points to be quickly identified and eliminated. Thus GROB4Analyze is a helpful tool for your continuous improvement process (CIP).

Line - Keeping an eye on the machine via smartphone

GROB4Line enables the GROB machine to be connected to the Internet. This allows the machine to be monitored and controlled from a smartphone. Combined with the notification function, which sends messages (e.g. machine standstill, alarm messages or job end) to defined smartphones, the responsible machine operator can react immediately and minimise unnecessary downtimes.

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