Filter systems

Filter systems from KNOLL clean cooling lubricants down to the ultra-fine range, even without filter consumables. The filter systems work locally for individual machines and centrally for machine groups or complete production areas.

High Pressure Plants

KNOLL high-pressure systems are used to supply machine tools such as machining centres and automatic lathes. High-pressure pumps ensure the correct supply pressure at the various consumers.

Minimum quantity lubrication systems

The AerosolMaster MQL system is suitable for almost all manufacturing processes with geometrically defined cutting edges, e.g. on machining centres, transfer lines, lathes, milling, drilling and sawing machines. Due to the wide range of products and the unique ATS technology (Aerosol Dry Lubrication) the systems are suitable for both simple and demanding machining processes.

Chip reducers

KNOLL chip shredders cut metal and plastic chips to bulk material quality. The shredders can be installed on processing machines or at central collection points. Depending on the model, vertical or horizontal chip feeding is possible, in some applications also with disturbing part ejection.

Conveyor systems

KNOLL conveyor systems are available in various designs, both machine-integrated and centrally installed. Depending on the type of chips and transport distance, belt conveyors, screw conveyors and pull flap conveyors are used in addition to belt conveyors.


Milling, turning, drilling, countersinking, reaming, thread cutting, hard turning, hobbing, sawing, broaching, punching & laser cutting, grinding, tool grinding, lapping & honing, vibratory grinding ... get an overview of the work for which we can offer you products from KNOLL.


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